Back to More Basics – Left Hand Part 2

We’re back! After a few very busy weeks practising lots of notes (which I’m still practising!), I’m excited to share with you Back to More Basics Left Hand Part 2.

Before you watch this week’s video, I’d really encourage you to revisit Back to More Basics Left Hand Part 1 as this week is a continuation from what we were talking about in that video.

As usual, please show me some trust and some patience as I take you through these exercises – we’re going to be adding the bow to Schradieck No. 1. It’s important to try and have organisation in your bowing when you approach exercises in order to stay focused on the left hand.

We will also be looking at a counter exercise to the widening and expanding movements and remember that yes, it might seem boring, but very quickly, and with concentration, you will see your playing getting better…I did and it’s SOOO worth it!

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